I build things with code.

I’ve been using code to build things for as long as I can remember. I’ve spent many years building websites for clients, and nearly as many years building products that make websites better.

I like to focus on the user experience behind those products, which empowers people to use their website even more.

  • One product I built (and then sold) is SearchWP which automatically improves on-site WordPress search without writing a line of code.
  • Another is OrganizeWP which rethinks the content management experience before you get to the edit screen.
  • I’m working on a number of things over at Buildworks, but they’re in stealth mode for the time being. More info in 2024.
  • I’ve also for many years worked on a number of free and open source plugins for WordPress that have been downloaded 7,410,586 times.

The technical details & the business of building things on the web occupy a lot of my thoughts, and I jot things down on the blog (that was once called Monday By Noon; I wrote a post every Monday (by noon) for about six years straight.)

If (like me) you’re curious about the various developer-y things I use, check out my uses page.