10 reasons why I switched to Spine.js

Posted: May 22, 2012 Comments

Destroy Today / 10 reasons why I switched to Spine.js

I know, I know, not only a ‘list’ article but also one about switching from one platform to another! I’ve broken two blogging rules at once but I really like how this article came out. The author took an objective stance on his surroundings and instead of going with the crowd he saw instead took a look elsewhere and found greener pastures for him.


I’m still neck deep in my research of the various super impressive JavaScript libraries and frameworks we’ve now got to choose from, and in particular I’ve been looking into the inspiration behind each and the fundamental design differences between them. I also enjoy reading articles like this for additional perspective on the matter. What’s even more interesting about this article is the coherent comment thread that took place as a result. Good things to read here!

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