16 Productivity Apps and Productivity Tools Used By Shopify

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I love talking about process and a big part of process for me is the tools that support it. I have to consciously work to ensure I’m not focusing too much on my toolset, however. I believe there’s a fine line between tools helping and hurting you. Not because the tool is sub-standard, but because we spend more time looking at tools than we do actually using them. I try to strike that balance by having a question in the back of my mind as to whether or not the tools I’m using “could be better if…” or I find myself doing or forgetting repetitive tasks that could otherwise be offloaded.

Shopify has a great list of the tools they use every day to make sure their systems are up to snuff and being updated with great new features. A number of these applications are specific to Apple, but there are some that aren’t. There are a number in this list that I don’t use but have heard great things about, and I use competing applications for some others, but I really like the insight as to why they’re using each application. It gives us a second to see whether it applies to our workflow and might give us a hand as well.