A 1000-Hour Head Start: Introducing The _s Theme

Posted: February 19, 2012 Comments(2)

A 1000-Hour Head Start: Introducing The _s Theme | ThemeShaper.

This is quite a nice big deal, a brand new WordPress theme framework for your perusal and use. Theme frameworks are a great way to get a leg up on building custom WordPress sites, they can save a ton of time. It’s still important though, to make sure you poke around to see just what the theme is doing, just in case you run into a circumstance where you need to customize outside the scope of the framework itself.

Definitely have a look, there’s some great stuff in here.

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  1. Can you provide any insight into Iron to Iron’s process for starting a new client site? Do you guys have a “boilerplate” setup that you use? or is it a fresh start every time?

  2. I do plan on outlining what I use for each and every client site, but to answer your question yes, I use a combination of boilerplate(s) and a home brewed framework for all development.

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