A Baseline for Front-End Developers

A Baseline for Front-End Developers – Adventures in JavaScript Development.

This is full of great. Front end development has matured extensively over the past few years, and rightfully so. The space itself is finally starting to come around to being a legit environment we can work in, as opposed to a world without consistency or standardization.

Everything is rooted in the Web standards movement. Let’s not salt the wound caused by zealotry here but instead think back lovingly on what it did for all of us today. It makes me nervous to think about what we’d be working on today if it weren’t for those years of campaigning.

The front end space has blossomed into something that requires a very versatile person. Technology is moving at breakneck speeds and best practices are just now beginning to do anything remotely close to solidifying. I’d go so far as to say that the front end will see a lot of specialization over the next few years, but not resulting in neglect of other areas.

Working on the front end requires a number of hats, much like being a server-side programmer involves a lot of knowledge beyond your favorite programming language. The name of the game is versatility, and I really like the list in this article. It’s always great to read how other people view the profession as it helps me keep me on my toes.