A Book Apart – HTML5 for Web Designers

A Book Apart is here. The latest and greatest product from everyone’s favorite Web-centric publication A List Apart. A List Apart is one of the main reasons I really came into Standards-based Web design and development and they continue to publish some of the best articles on an extremely consistent basis. Having yourself published in A List Apart is one of the many ways to signify that you’ve hit a high note, and you can be confident that reading from the archives will grant you a wealth of knowledge.

HTML5 for Web Designers

A Book Apart is a new take. Print? Yes print! The venture was founded by none other than Jeffrey Zeldman in conjunction with Mandy Brown and Jason Santa Maria. Not sold yet? Jason took the time to outline some of the thoughts he went over as he designed the series, and it looks great.

HTML5 for Web Designers

I’ve already pre-ordered two copies of the first book, one of which will be given away when the review gets published. The book is titled HTML5 for Web Designers and was written by Jeremy Keith. I’ve been reading from Jeremy Keith for quite some time now and every time I do I’m thankful he wrote what he did. His publications are always excellent and I couldn’t wait to order a team based publication given the names involved.

I’m really looking forward to this series of books. I will admit that Jason mentioning he designed the series in such a way it looks nice sitting together on a shelf has me committed already.