A New Home for the WordPress Trademark

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A New Home for the WordPress Trademark — Matt Mullenweg.

Automattic has transferred the WordPress trademark to the WordPress Foundation! I’m loving this, this is one of the big reasons I like WordPress so much.

I’m a huge proponent of open source software and even more-so open source software that has provided careers for so many people, myself included.

Although the WordPress community has had its shaky times (what community hasn’t) the real big picture is that WordPress has solid roots.

With the WordPress trademark in the hands of the WordPress Foundation, the future of WordPress is in even better hands. That’s not to say anything bad would happen simply due to Automattic’s rights, but the fact of the matter is (and Matt said so himself) there’s a chance Automattic may not always be under Matt’s control. WordPress is now even more protected, and anyone who works with WordPress should be loving that.