A view’s responsibility — a lesson on JavaScript and the DOM

Posted: May 04, 2012 Comments(2)

A view’s responsibility — a lesson on JavaScript and the DOM – BEKK Open.

I’m continuing to study more elaborate and structured implementations of JavaScript by getting down to basics. I’m finishing JavaScript: The Good Parts and plan on following that up with JavaScript: The Definitive Guide. These books have been on my shelf for too long as I get continually sidetracked by new frameworks, libraries, and articles like these. But I can’t help to continue reading.

I recognize the importance of studying JavaScript itself before agonizing over details surrounding topics like the view’s responsibility in JavaScript, but I can’t help but believe it will provide some context as I review the fundamentals a couple more times.

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  1. I’ve read The Good Parts twice… I’m sure I’ll read it many more times! Just a fantastic book.

    Another great one is Javascript Web Applications by Alex McCaw. Working with a paradigm like MVC was completely foreign to me, but it’s becoming increasingly important. Javascript Web Applications was a great follow up to The Good Parts, for me anyway.

  2. It’s awesome that you are reading those two books. It’s about fundamentals. Once you understand the core and fundamentals of JavaScript, it’s much easier to evaluate the frameworks that seem to spawn hourly.

    As with Ben, I read The Good Parts twice. A small book, but very dense. I loved it. I also recently read JavaScript Web Applications by Alex while researching spine.js. It’s an excellent read.

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