Adding APC to MediaTemple Grid Service

Posted: December 31, 2010 Comments(2)

Adding APC to MediaTemple Grid Service | GeekTank.

I still use Media Temple’s Grid-Service to host a number of development sites as well as some daily-use applications. I happened to be working on Iron to Iron’s production server, making some optimizations to APC (Alternative PHP Cache) which I use in conjunction with W3 Total Cache.

If you’re not caching your WordPress installs I definitely suggest getting on board with W3 — it’s honestly stellar.

While I was poking around some documentation, I stumbled across a quick how-to on making APC work with (mt)’s (gs). I’m not sure why it never occurred to me that it’d work, but it’s great! If you’re running your WordPress site onĀ Media Temple’s Grid-Service, definitely take a few minutes to get APC up and running with W3 Total Cache.

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