Agile is a Sham

Agile is a Sham – William Edwards, Coder.

Linkbait title aside, there’s some interesting points raised in this article. I haven’t worked directly within the Agile process for a large extent of time, I’m the only developer on my team. I’m severely interested in it though.

I see the business angle to software development, it’s like oil and water. Programming is a fluctuating process and I see the Agile process as a way of mitigating that by facilitating a way to determine measurable progress for the purposes of the business as a whole. The businessman in me sees that as essential. The programmer in me sees it as Zone destroying.

I think Agile development has made the splash it has because it’s a path that works to find a necessary medium to build successful businesses. We as programmers can’t simply throw caution to the wind and expect to have any sort of stability. There’s often more people to a company than the programmers, and they need to know how things are progressing as well.