All the oxygen trapped in a bubble

All the oxygen trapped in a bubble – (37signals).

I talk with a few people about the VC process, the Valley and what goes on there and how I feel about it. I’m not too public with my opinions because they’re just that, I don’t have the educational background to make educated public statements on the subject. I do have instinct though, and the whole VC process never felt comfortable to me, it doesn’t make sense beyond a monetary angle. I know it seems silly to write such a thing but there’s more to it than money for me. There’s a ton of crap out there and the fact that big wig business men are flooding cash there because they see a sweet exit plan at the end of the tunnel just seems like a bad way to do things. This post from 37signals really parallels with how I feel about it in a way I haven’t been able to put into words quite yet.