An Introduction

Monday By Noon was established due to inspiration from sites such as Dustin Diaz’s Web Standards with Imagination, Roger Johansson’s 456 Berea St,, and I understand that there are many sites missing from that list such as Eric Meyer’s and, so consider that list the tip of the iceberg.

I wanted to create my own outlet in order to write and converse with others regarding pretty much anything that is Web. I chose to concentrate on Web standards, semantics, accessibility, and design, because I think those categories are what I know most about. They are also the categories that I want to learn as much as possible about from anyone willing to write about them.

With this site, it is my hope to be able to put my own spin on the design and development community that has evolved so far. I hope to be able to contribute some valuable information to those who are just discovering the field of Web design and development along with those who have been neck deep in it for years.

Monday By Noon?

We all hate Mondays, the only thing that really gives us a break usually is that hour or so we take to sit back, relax, and grab a bite to eat. I’ll work to try and provide you with some lunchtime reading on your Monday lunch hour, where you can come here and find a new article each and every Monday By Noon.


It is my goal to push the notion that blogs will eventually transform into a hybrid forum. They will remain to be content based and focused, but there will also be some very worthy information in the comments and responses. The days of “Great post!” are sure to run out, and be replaced with “Great Post! But here is what I think…” Its only a matter of time in my opinion.