Announcing real IEs for Browserling

Announcing real IEs for Browserling – good coders code, great reuse.

While not the most enamoring topic, I’m glad to see that people are still working on browser testing solutions. My process still involves a series of virtual machines, each with snapshots allowing me to work with native installs of a range of Web browsers. All in all those vm images are taking up over 30GB of space on my hard drive. It’s just silly. Browserling is an interesting solution for that problem in that you can have a fully interactive session with a native browser install within your browser.

You’d think such a thing would be a remote desktop session via Flash or some junk like that, but Browserling actually powers their service through JavaScript and canvas. How cool is that? I’m really intrigued to look into this further because I’d absolutely love to get those thirty gigabytes back as soon as possible.