Announcing the Fourth Revision of Monday By Noon

As I had recently mentioned, I took a short break from publishing articles to focus on a number of things. One item mentioned was personal projects, the first of which being the design of this website. If you’re currently reading in your favorite feed reader and you’d like to see how things have changed, feel free to check things out. For those that are interested, I’ll take some space to lay out what was done and why I did it.

Quite minimalist

I’ve always been a huge fan of minimalist design, especially on the Web. I wanted to have a hand at something even more stripped down than the first three versions of Monday By Noon, and I think this is it. My main focus with this design was on the content. My hope is that when you’re reading articles on-site, you’re able to get the information you’re looking for as quickly and easily as possible.

I was also really happy to move this redesign to the front of my personal project queue as it was timed really well with the release of the Adobe Fireworks CS4 beta. As you may know, I’m a recent Fireworks convert, and I was completely thrilled with my first glance at CS4. Needless to say, I really enjoyed working in Fireworks CS4, and I’m in love with the new (to Fireworks) type rendering engine. If you haven’t checked it out, I highly suggest doing so.

It’s in HTML

We’re all intimately familiar with the extensive debate between HTML and XHTML, and I’ve set up camp on the HTML side of things. For a long time (since starting this website, in fact) XHTML was living under the hood, but after trying to take in as much as possible, I feel that HTML is a better fit.

There’s quite a bit to say about the issue, and I’ll be explaining my decision very soon.

It’s more personal

For a long time I tried to treat this website as a simple medium in which to publish what I had written, but it’s turned into more than that. I’ve been able to get in touch with some of my idols through Monday By Noon, and I thought it to be a good time for more detail.

It’s not complete

As with every relaunch, I haven’t quite taken all the time to clear out the cobwebs around here. My personal process is to work locally as much as possible and push live. I know it’s nothing groundbreaking, but the changes I’ve made in this revision are going to require some maintenance article-to-article. Instead of worrying about making edits locally and ensuring they’re correctly transferred live along with the redesign, I’ll be cleaning things up over the coming weeks.

If you happen to notice some quirks, that’s probably why. If you’d like to help out and send me a quick note letting me know, that would be great. One of my highest priorities is to ensure that every article has valid markup (given the change in DOCTYPE). I’ve got a decent sized list dedicated to maintenance and cleanup alone, but I wanted to get the new digs up and running first.

Well, what do you think?