Avoiding Depression While Not Running a $1B Company

small dogs / big dogs : Avoiding Depression While Not Running a $1B Company.

This is a great, realistic post that shines some light on how to avoid leading yourself down a trail of constant disappointment and steady depression. I’ve spoken a lot recently about how ‘success’ stories like Instagram can have you look at your surroundings and wonder why the heck it’s not happened to you yet. That’s the wrong way to go about it. We need to keep in mind that Instagram literally hit the lottery as far as we’re concerned. I don’t mean insofar as the process it took them to get there because that was years upon years of work, and not just at that startup. The actual pay day though, that’s the lottery part. My favorite excerpt from this piece is as follows:

I hope these techniques are helpful to all the 10 or less employee, 500 sq ft office space (or home office), bootstrapping, revenue-based business founders. It would be great to have millions to buy lots of stuff, live more lavishly, even donate more. But if you constantly dwell on what you don’t have, your life is passing by far too quickly and that’s no one’s fault but your own.

There’s a ton of truth there. If you’re not enjoying what you’ve got now, I don’t know how you’d ever enjoy what you do end up obtaining. It feels like an endless circle to me.