Become a WordPress Ninja in 1400 Days


This attention getting title has truth. After reading this piece I took some time to reflect on my career with WordPress and found so many similarities to the yearly breakdown offered.

WordPress gets as much hate as it does praise and my bias leads me to get frustrated with that, unfounded as it is. WordPress can be a very complex system depending on which task you’re trying to accomplish. Regardless of your expertise with PHP and MySQL, a targeted exercise in WordPress might only get easy with experience.

A lot comes down to the approach to the problem in my opinion. Until you’ve gone through the struggle of trying to do something the first time, and then down the line find out that there was a better way to do it, you’re not going to grow. I’ve found that happen so many times, and then I’ll go read something I’ve read before and realize it said exactly that, I just had blinders on.

I think a number of these points can be generalized to any application or framework. It’s all to enticing to hear people sing praises of a system only to find out that there is actually a learning curve at the beginning. All the more reason to not spread yourself too thin but instead narrow your focus onto something you enjoy standing behind.