My Best Wasn’t Good Enough, so I’m Starting Over

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A couple years ago I wrote my first book, Client Oriented WordPress Development and I was wicked proud of it. Writing a book had been on my list for a few years and I finally thought I had a topic worth expanding upon in long form. As is mostly typical for me I dove in head first by putting together an outline and writing the first few pages the day I had my lightbulb moment for a specific topic.

The experience was interesting as I hadn’t written anything of that length before. I detailed it in the launch post and followed up a month later with even more detail. It was as much a learning experience as a goal ‘accomplished’.

I’ve been reflecting on it for the past few years and about six months ago I realized that the book was officially long in the tooth. The information wasn’t bad, it was just outdated. You learn a lot in two years and that knowledge wasn’t in the book. I felt as though it was no longer doing a proper service to customers so I thought long and hard about what to do next.

I wondered: should I take a couple weeks to update the relevant sections and make the proper adjustments to better explain my points of view? As I thought about it further, I realized that there is actually quite a bit I’d change about the book, right down to the structure of the outline. A flood of inspiration struck me and I’ve decided to cease sales of the book and fully pursue the Second Edition of Client Oriented WordPress Development.

This new version is going to fully embrace what I’ve learned both in the past two years of refinement at Iron to Iron in addition to refocusing on the structure of the book. I want to include more opinion, more elaboration, (way) more examples. By the time it’s done the Second Edition will likely be, in my mind, what the first version should have been. But that’s the way it always goes, doesn’t it?

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I’m pretty sure I’ve found my groove for the Second Edition. The new outline was fleshed out some time ago and I’m knocking it out page by page. I’ve added a step or two to my editorial process and so far I really like where it’s going. I also want to rework some of the details of the book itself where I can. I might be optimistic but I’m shooting to get it out the door in Q4 2014.

If you’d like you can Get a discount code because I’m thankful you’re still reading Monday By Noon after all these years!

Any requests?

I’ve thought long and hard about the new outline for the book and I really like how it came out. I’m also curious about the topics you would like to hear discussed. Are there pain points in your client workflow you think could be eased in some way, but you’re not sure how? Do you feel that the internals of WordPress are a bit confusing in your work and you’d love to learn more about some aspect of that? What lessons have you learned over time that have really helped solidify your process in client work?

I’m really excited to be working on the Second Edition, I think (hope?) a lot of people will enjoy it!