Better Answers & How I Learned to Defrag My Brain


I love that this concept now has a label in my mind. I’ve often wondered what it is I like so much about OmniFocus. Truth be told trying to manage and organize all of these seemingly menial tasks constantly looks to be wicked tedious from the outside. Somehow I stick with it and reading this article gave me insight as to why.


OmniFocus is great, but I still weigh in that the iPad version is best. I’m realizing more and more that it’s because of the way it lets you Review. The other versions have a Review context, but the iPad version is more of a process. You get to focus on every single Project you’ve got open, and review the tasks in each one by one. This lets you pump the brakes and see that project you haven’t touched in a month, evaluate how real it is, and process it accordingly. It also helps you spotlight the things you added last week and recall that a number of tasks need to be done ASAP.

Circling back to the article, the technique outlined there is one I practice with OmniFocus. I try my best to add things into the Inbox as much as possible, it takes just a few seconds. From there I try to filter into appropriate Projects, but it’s the Review period that I’ve come to trust as the most valuable part of the process. I’m not saying you need to use OmniFocus, but the process outlined in the article is a sweet technique.