Books in the Age of the iPad

Although not a device I’ll likely be picking up on launch day, the iPad seems to be taking hold as the device it was intended to be. I’ll be honest; my initial reaction to the iPad was a generic lack of surprise. Aside from the wild speculation taking place, I was nearly convinced it’d be a large iPod Touch. It is. And it isn’t.

The iPad, either by nature or by blunt force (being an Apple product) is already changing things. While the public nearly signed off on the iPad during the keynote, developers were getting really excited. There’s a lot to say about that.

One of the outcomes I’m really looking forward to observing with the iPad is content delivery. I have never been one to even consider anything along the lines of an ebook reader, I’ve never read anything at length on my iPhone, and I thought I simply never would.

Books in the Age of the iPad by Craig Mod has me excited. It’s smart pieces like this which are really turning the gears for lots of people, signifying that this could very well be the beginning of a new era in content delivery.