Bootstrapped Startup Saves Over $100K By Dropping IE

Posted: April 02, 2012 Comments(2)

Bootstrapped Startup Saves Over $100K By Dropping IE | TechCrunch.

This is an interesting (very) outside look at the effect dropping IE support could have on your startup. I can only imagine that the Web startup world is filled with the same angst as the Web design world in handling legacy browsers. It wasn’t an easy decision as it sounds like IE made up a decent percentage of their user base prior to flipping the switch.

Personally though, if I were to dive into a startup today I would absolutely axe IE support, it’s great to know others out there are doing it and continuing to do the work they love. Forcing yourself to deal with older IE versions in the startup world is overhead I would think to be extremely difficult to overcome.

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  1. Dropping all IE support entirely seems rather crazy. I suppose it might work with websites that are mostly used by Mac users or tech/geek slanted users.

    I’m currently developing a new HTML5 web game, and found that IE9 is a pretty capable browser. I was able to use all the CSS3 bells and whistles and 90% of it works in IE9. I strongly considered dropping IE7 and IE8 support because the site looks like ass in it. However I decided to just show a big warning to those visitors instead. IE6 support was easy to drop without thinking twice though 🙂

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