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Content Entry: Whose Job is it Anyway?

Whose job is it to populate content on every project? Should the service provider handle it as part of their impeccable service? Should the client enter content to become more familiar with the content management system? Both sides have compelling arguments.

Posted: May 24, 2010

Making your Pods Input Helpers a Bit More Helpful

Input Helpers in Pods really enhance the usability of Pods in WordPress. They work to modify data represented to the user in such a way to make it more useful or more valuable. I think that’s an important factor to take into account when setting up a Pods powered WordPress site for your clients.

Posted: May 10, 2010

Improving Your Process: Effectively Estimating Projects

Estimates are the life blood of our industry. If anyone out there is getting jobs consistently without having to go through an estimation process, you’ve got some dark magic going on that I’d love to know more about. Estimates are a double edged sword though; we need them to get jobs, but the work is non-billable.

Posted: April 12, 2010

Noah Stokes / Designblind

Noah Stokes and I think alike. With each post of his I find myself more and more in line with the same experiences/frustrations/inspirations as he. We also have a ridiculously similar sense of humor. He’s a funny guy, and he’s said a number of things that I’ve either thought or haven’t afforded articulation quite yet. […]

Posted: March 10, 2010

We’re Ready for CSS3, but are we Ready for CSS3?

We’re all smitten with CSS3. It’s reinvigorated that sense of newness that CSS and Web Standards brought our way just a few years ago. We’re able to more easily replicate the set of design standards that has become nearly universal much faster than before with just a few CSS declarations. There are a number of CSS3 rules I’d be writing for each and every project, but I’m just not sure it’s as ready for prime time as many designers are making it out to be.

Posted: February 08, 2010

Improving Your Process: Project Timeline Development

Project management and timeline development is a very important part of professional Web design.

Posted: March 02, 2009

Two WordPress Plugins: Post Notes and Post Gallery

A small writeup surrounding the release of my first two WordPress Plugins

Posted: February 08, 2009

I Have a Huge Problem with WYSIWYG Editors

I’ve got a strong distaste for using WYSIWYG editors in content management systems, but it has become the accepted norm.

Posted: November 10, 2008

What Works Best for Design Presentation?

Presenting flat comps for Web design isn’t in your best interest. Take the next step and provide designs as what they are; websites.

Posted: September 22, 2008

Better Clients Pay Cheaper Invoices

The better the client, the more accurate your estimation will be. But what makes a good client?

Posted: September 08, 2008