Chrome Web Store – PHP Ninja Manual

Chrome Web Store – PHP Ninja Manual.

While I don’t love the name, this is a pretty awesome Chrome Extension that allows you to browse the PHP manual directly within your browser.

As per the description:

PHP 5.4 documentation in a popup
5/5 Ninjas Recommend!

PHP 5.4 documentation in 8 languages always available right in your browser, whatever the weather.

Last major update: 1.1.1 – Aug 19th 2012

  • PHP 5.4 documentation
  • copy & paste code snippets
  • some bug fixes
  • autocomplete is not so dumb
  • next update will come soon, sorry for such delay
  • line numbers in code examples

I still find myself going to all the time. I’m not sure why since my editor often provides the arguments I’m looking for but to me it’s nice to read some of that extra available information periodically .