Creative Programming Videos from Daniel Shiffman


really like watching videos about programming. I especially like watching videos about programming I don’t do every day. I think it helps my brain subliminally realize the world is bigger than the WordPress theme I’m working on right now.

My latest fascination is Daniel Shiffman‘s YouTube channel, [Undefined]. I don’t even recall how I stumbled on the channel, as I didn’t recognize Daniel’s name specifically, but that really doesn’t matter. Daniel puts out weekly videos based on creative programming tasks. They’re sometimes straight code challenges, sometimes something like code katas, sometimes just neat stuff to build that on the surface look wicked complicated. That’s probably what drew me in at first, and after watching a few videos I’m pretty hooked.

Right now I’m watching Daniel walk through building a maze generator in Processing. He does a lot with Processing because he’s a project lead for the Processing Foundation, which is awesome! Processing is a project that has fascinated me for years, but I’ve never actually built anything with it, just read docs and watched videos.

Here’s the first video from the maze generator series, I dare you to not watch all of them!

Once I finish the maze generator series, my next stop is this:

I very much like Daniel’s style and look forward to further sifting through the backlog of videos he’s posted.