Cross-Browser Debugging CSS

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This is really a fantastic workflow that’s worth a quick review even for the seasoned front end developers. Browser consistency is surely a focal point for front end Web development but as you progress and build more sites, it should become less of a pain point. CSS is honestly super powerful, and it’s important to keep it’s design in mind as you make use of it.

Over time, you’ll likely come to the same conclusions as outlined in this article, but it’s great to see them comprised into a single list. Best practices take you far with CSS, and it’s important to have purpose behind your style of writing CSS.

Of particular interest, it’s great to see another similarity between this article and my workflow. When testing for IE I usually drop down to the oldest browser and work my way forward. Not every time mind you, I can usually predict what’s likely to be an issue and what won’t. More often than not I accommodate for the issues while doing the first buildout because I’m able to recognize the pattern I’ve set up and know IE will take issue with it.

There are a number of great, quick tips in this article, definitely have a read.