CSSrefresh – automatically refresh CSS files

Posted: January 16, 2012 Comments(6)

CSSrefresh – automatically refresh CSS files.

This is a neat little script you can use during development that might make your life easier. It’s sole responsibility is to refresh the CSS of your site at the time the stylesheet is saved, preventing you from having to refresh the browser to see a style update.

Check out the source for a closer look into what it’s doing and give it a whirl if you’d like.

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  1. I might have a different tool that does this and more:


    I absolutely love having all of my files update live (not just CSS). I believe that you need to be running a localhost (like MAMP) for this to work. But I will be happy to give these folks some money when it comes out of beta (free now).

  2. I haven’t tried quite yet but since it’s JavaScript based it should technically work regardless of the back end. I did notice in the implementation notes that it needed to be included after the assets you’re looking to refresh.

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