The details coming from deaxon

Posted: March 16, 2010 Comments(5)

Via Chris Bowler

Oh my gosh the details of deaxon. Be sure to check out the super size.

Screenshot of

They’ve accomplished with this site what I find most frustrating about Web apps trying to mimic desktop apps: fluidity. Although it’s a WebKit thing, these guys pulled it off. Given their industry, it speaks volume about the attention to detail coming out of that shop.

Nice job, guys.

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  1. Better still they’ve also worked out the non javascript version of their site which also looks and functions nicely. great work!

  2. Good example of how you should deal with “Progressive Enhancement”. The site looks different in different browsers, but keeps accessible. This is how you should deal with the web…. nice!

  3. 夜光粉(




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