Why you should move that button 3px to the left

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Although I’m not a designer, a ton of this article resonates with our process. Kevin and I have refined our cooperative efforts time and time again for the past five years straight, and we’re still not done. Our process on this project is benefiting from the one before that in a number of ways, and that’s always been the case since we first started working together.

What I like is that while the developer in me cringes every time I need to tweak something by the pixel, I know it’s for the better. Kevin took the time to put it there, and there’s no reason it shouldn’t be up to that quality on the Web. As an industry we’ve gone back and forth about the expense of pixel perfection, but if we’re honest that’s back when significant browser share was overcome by lackluster rendering engines. That’s no longer the case today. We’re able to sweat the details and make things look great. While it might look even better in one browser over another, we can afford to take the time to take another pass and tidy a few things up.

At Iron to Iron we’ve got a number of phases to our process, a few of which include review sessions between Kevin and myself where we’ll go through the site together and make sure what I’ve built matches what he had in his head, or my choices work if he wasn’t sure how something was going to come out in the first place. We’ve got two key times for this process: once before the staging site is shown to the client, and another just before the site goes live now that real content is in place. The dynamic of the project as a whole changes quite a bit when real content comes into play, so we’re often cranking out a punch list of wicked small changes that help with accurate content just before going live. It’s a great process for us and we feel it helps us keep in step with quality standards we strive for, even if it takes another half day.

I agree with so many sentiments in this article, and it’s great to see other people on the same page as us.