Design Then Code

Design Then Code ~ iPhone & iPad Interface Design Tutorials.

I’ve been a proponent of mastering your niche since discovering that specialists are few and far between in our industry. I completely sympathize with that fact because I write front end, I program, I use WordPress, I build databases, I’ve built apps, I plan, I wireframe, and once in a great while I’m actually able to design. And that’s just at work.

iOS is going nowhere fast. Actually, it is, and everyone’s trying to keep up. iOS development has exploded faster than anything I’ve seen before and I’d be lying if I said I never wanted to learn. The trouble here is: I’ve never written a line of Cocoa. I’m used to PHP, Cocoa was intimidating at first glance.

Long story short, the latest from Mike Rundle (@flyosity) has my finger on the trigger. Again. Design Then Code looks to be an amazing resource for people like me, familiar with certain things but looking to learn iOS development the right way.