Developers, please think wider

Developers, please think wider | About bootstrapping, entrepreneurship & personal development.

This Aside is on the heels of another one saying that ‘me too’ ideas are just fine. My opinion on that stays the same, but I love the subject of this post highlighting the fact that many of us have severe tunnel vision when it comes to our app ideas. Everything revolves around what we do every day, when the rest of the world is suffering with substandard software written decades ago. There is so much room for improvement in so many industries that desperately need it. I’d be willing to bet that if you spoke to a friend or relative today that happens to work with some sort of computer system, you could fill an entire dinner conversation with the problems they face every day and even get a punch list of what could be done to improve the experience instantly. Those improvements likely won’t happen for years though, because so many of us are caught up in our own bubbles.