Easy Content Deployment for WordPress: RAMP

Easy Content Deployment for WordPress: RAMP.

By far the most hideous part of continuous development is database migration. While we have stellar tools for source code management, the database layer seems to be just abstracted enough to be painful.

I’ve just learned of RAMP through the stream of tweets from #wcsf and I’m impressed.

RAMP does what it can to tackle the problem we never want to deal with: keeping your staged WordPress content in community with your production WordPress content.

RAMP allows you to make all the changes you need in your staging environment, then selectively push these changes to your production site. You can set up a new section of your site, upload some images to fill out a nice carousel for it, and add a link to it on your home page. Once this content has been reviewed and approved, you can go to your RAMP page, select these content changes, and push them to your production site.

Do take the time to check out their video tour, the entire process seems extremely polished from start to finish.