Everybody hates Firefox updates

Everybody hates Firefox updates.

We haven’t talked about rapid release cycles in browsers too much lately, and I find that a bit interesting. Personally I switched to Chrome, well, I lost track of how long ago so version numbers have been a thing of the past for me. I understood it when I was seeing such seemingly ‘crazy’ version numbers when I’d poke around the various Chrome dialogs but once I read what they were doing I forgot all about it. The rest of the world didn’t though, at least not with Firefox. Still to this day version numbers flag what’s new with software and that was especially true not too long ago when it came to browsers as well. Mozilla effectively pulled the rug out from under it’s users while Chrome left the gate not giving any attention to the version number and pushing a seamless upgrade process. From the looks of it, Firefox users haven’t been to happy with the upgrade nagging and breakage of extensions. It in a way brings back the horrid memories of Windows XP auto-rebooting itself after installing Windows Updates if you weren’t there to stop it. Bad things could (and did) happen.