Forget Self-Improvement

Forget Self-Improvement | Deliberatism.

This is some truth. I think it’s all to easy to falsely convince ourselves that we’re interested in something we’re not, just to fit in with the crowd that much more. I know I love what I do, I get lost in it. I love many aspects of the things I do and constantly find myself flailing back and forth between a number of focal points, but the big picture is that I do love it. “Work” feels like a project, not because it’s made up of projects but it’s what I’d be doing in my spare time anyway.

Love is a huge inspiration, and you should follow it. You very often hear that people aren’t sure what they want to do or where they want to focus, but that lack of inspiration can sometimes result from a predisposed conditioning. Many times we’re told that our true passions can’t be turned into successes, but I don’t believe that.

If ten years ago you considered the possibility that people can build entire careers on pointing a video camera at themselves every day and journaling to a website, you simply wouldn’t believe it. But it’s been done. People take it seriously and have carved that out for themselves. It’s one example of many.

It’s been said time and time again but if it’s placed on your heart to do something else, go for it. Figure out what you need to do and how to be smart about it and go for it. Do what you love what you do.