From Business Guy to Programmer

Spencer Fry — From Business Guy to Programmer.

This article was nice to read this morning. It got me thinking about what it’s like to be the business guy and the programmer.

Before starting Iron to Iron I had the job title of Development Director. Essentially that meant I more-or-less managed the development direction of the agency I worked at. I worked amongst a team, but I wasn’t their boss. I often went to client meetings and was heavily involved in estimates and proposals.

As time went on, the paperwork increased and all I wanted to do was get back to writing code. The business end was wearing on me as the agency got bigger and those tasks piled up on top of one another.

It likely comes off as strange that if that was the case, why the heck would I have gone out and started a company with someone where that work was now essential to our continuance? The fact was I really like working with clients, I like planning projects, I like fine tuning the details, but I don’t like doing it 90% of the time. I like an even split. Being the business guy and the programmer helps find that balance for me.