Give it five minutes

Posted: March 03, 2012 Comments(1)

Give it five minutes – 37signals.

This piece really struck a chord with me. All too often I catch myself dismissing something before I even hear the whole introduction or pitch. It’s an extremely prideful reaction to something someone else has likely put a lot of time, effort, and love into, and to push it aside with such brevity is honestly a real jerk thing to do.

This doesn’t apply only to the latest Web app or code framework put on display, it expands into general design ideas or executions, all the way down to life experiences we have every day.

I’m glad to have read this article, I’m going to work on being more conscious and less dismissive to new ideas.

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  1. I actually like to try to write down my first reaction very quickly, then wait the five minutes after that. It’s an interesting way to try to acknowledge and measure gut reactions—a bit introspective really.

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