Google Chrome Leapfrogs Internet Explorer as the Web’s Top Browser

Posted: May 23, 2012 Comments(3)

Google Chrome Leapfrogs Internet Explorer as the Web's Top Browser.

This is kind of amazing. Firefox has been ubiquitous in my surroundings for years now, but we never saw a headline like this as a result.

I find this fascinating because when I talk to family and friends and mention Chrome, no one is using it — but a number are using Firefox, the others Safari. I’m trying to wrap my head around just what did it for Chrome and so quickly. Was it because they touted it so heavily amongst their search engine results pages? Are people less turned off by it than Firefox when making the initial switch and they’re more likely to stick with it? I realize these stats are in and of themselves not truly accurate, but the trend is at least super interesting.

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  1. Combination of things, I guess. It’s heavily advertised—not only on all things Google, but on TV, at stations etc.

    But most of all it is a very good browser.

    It’s feels slick and very quick. Speed’s very important.

    There’s no learning curve, either.

  2. I’ve noticed an interesting trend amongst coworkers: while some are leaving IE for Firefox, some who are with Firefox are less-than-pleased with the newer versions and are trading it in for Chrome. To them, Firefox is becoming bloated and Chrome offers the quickness they’re looking for. Surely this isn’t the case everywhere, but it’s an interesting trend nonetheless.

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