How should we handle responsive images?

Posted: November 20, 2012 Comments

How should we handle responsive images?

Between the Responsive Web Design movement and HiDPI hardware changes, my front end workflow has nearly been turned on it’s head within the past year. It’s all well and good but there have been times where my mind simply couldn’t grasp what the heck I was working on. I’m staring at a HiDPI display with an application that hasn’t been updated to reflect that properly but my browser can accommodate for that by scaling double resolution images down to ‘half’ resolution but really they render at ‘native’ resolution on a HiDPI display which is further complicated by the premise of my image editing application soon supporting this HiDPI display and then I wonder how that correlates to the canvas—what am I actually looking at and how does it translate to what ends up in the browser?

I often talk myself in circles and feel that I’ve overcomplicated the situation but this article outlines one corner of the new issues we have to deal with when it comes to responsive design.

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