How to Be a Better Procrastinator

How to Be a Better Procrastinator –

This is a really interesting piece to me. I know I’ve mentioned a number of times that I’m a self-identified procrastinator. I haven’t, however, done much research to find out what that actually means and how it applies to my day-to-day.

I relate really strongly to a number of points in this article, particularly the idea about limiting the number of commitments you make so as to focus on just a few things. If I’m ever to do that, I find myself procrastinating even more because I have fewer deadlines to deal with. When I commit to more, I scramble to get things taken care of to fulfill the commitment. It’s an interesting paradigm that I hadn’t thought of until reading this article.

There are a number of other intriguing points that might hit home if you too are a major procrastinator.