How to hack the beliefs that are holding you back

How to hack the beliefs that are holding you back – on startups.

This is a really inspirational piece that I’d be willing to bet applies to a number of readers. Too often I hear people mentioning that they’d like to do this, that, or the other thing, but don’t for any number of reasons. I was like that too, very much so, until I’d had enough. I consulted with those around me so as to confirm certain moves were the right ones and after a long stint of planning pulled the trigger.

The biggest deal for me personally was to get around the fact that decisions aren’t final. For some reason I had conditioned myself into saying that “when it’s done it’s done” and while that holds some truth, it’s only done until you need to do something again. When it comes to job security, there’s absolutely no difference between the guy that’s worked at the same company for 20 years and the guy who’s started a business for the first time ever. We see that every day and have for the past few years given our current economic position. It comes down to thinking things through and being prepared. We’d be lying if Kevin and I didn’t have a plan when starting Iron to Iron that didn’t involve a Plan B if things didn’t work out, there’s always that potential.

There are a lot of great points in the aforementioned article, but perhaps the most impactful on me to date aligns with who you spend your time with. First and foremost I’ve relied on support from my wife more than anyone, support from Kevin each and every day, and done what I can to spend time with like-minded individuals locally at events like Build Guild where everyone has an awesome story. It’s supremely hard to leave a Build Guild Gathering without being ready to stay up all night hacking away on a project. You don’t get that inspiration from the job you hate going to every day.