HTML Email Boilerplate v0.4

Posted: June 07, 2011 Comments(1)

HTML Email Boilerplate v0.4.

I’m a huge fan of boilerplates… for studying. I’m even more a fan of boilerplates that realize their place and provide the service of solid documentation. HTML email is ugly. Sure, there are some experts in that field that are really doing some magical things, but every time an HTML email comes across my desk, I do take a moment to shudder. A resource like the HTML Email Boilerplate is something I’ll be studying to better prepare myself for the next email job that comes through.

Check it out, enjoy.

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  1. I pulled some great stuff out of this for a recent HTML email project. I hadn’t come across ways to override .yshortcuts or Windows Mobile styles like -ms-text-size-adjust:none;.

    Definitely helpful to study and tailor with.

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