In defense of doing it the “hard way”

Posted: February 20, 2012 Comments(1)

accidental/ninja » In defense of doing it the “hard way”.

I’ve been intrigued by the higher level of education resources that are out there for programmers. I hadn’t noticed that many of them pitch their resources in such a light that they’ll make you a fantastic developer by the time you complete a course, but I can see why some people might fall under that impression.

I think, in this case, the people may be a bit of the problem, and I think that’s what Richard is touching upon here. Development is both a hobby and a trade, you don’t find many people writing code “because they hate it but they’re good at it so they’re stuck”. Very often we all love what we do, but there are other factors (read: money

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  1. Money always has a way of deterring creativity. When it’s a primary driver, then I think many people jumping into this industry will be frustrated, not because there isn’t money there, but because this industry moves so fast – that you have to love what you do and be passionate in order to keep up. Money will only take you so far.

    I’m sure you would agree, the inverse is better. Do what you love and are passionate about, and the money is a byproduct of that.

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