Introducing Amazon Silk (Read: Another New Browser)

Introducing Amazon Silk | Amazon Silk.

Speaking of way too many browsers, it’s important to note that Amazon’s new tablet/pad/thing uses a brand new in house browser that follows suit with Opera Mini in that requests are processed in the cloud and sent to the device.

I don’t like this trend. As a front end developer, to do my job respectably, I should have appropriate versions of modern Web browsers for testing purposes. That’s all well and good on the software end, browsers are free.

The trouble comes in when you need to buy a piece of hardware for the sake of running a free piece of software.

Emulators and simulators are all well and good, but subtle nuances are the difference between “done” and done. In all reality, to do a mobile job well today, you’d need (at least) a dozen devices. If people start following the Silk path, things will get ugly for us, quick.