Introducing the New Developer Experience

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I haven’t used a Microsoft product (aside from browser testing or helping with a family/friend computer issue) in a number of years, but I’m always interested in seeing what they’ve got cooking. It’s a monstrous company with many resources, they’ve got a ton going on. Things seem to be moving in an interesting direction, though.

It’s an extreme selection from the bunch, but the UI changes they’ve got going on are likely a look inside the next version of Windows to a certain degree.

I’m not quite sure what to think of it, but to me it feels like a strange combination of contemporary design and a legacy UI convention. I know it’s way too early in the game to be making judgement calls, but something just feels uneasy about the combinations going on here overall. I’ll be very interested to see things get polished up, and specifically how it translates to the overall Windows experience.