JavaScript Tools Coda Plugin

Update: JavaScript Tools is no longer maintained by me and is available on GitHub.

One bundle I found myself using consistently within TextMate is JavaScript Tools. The bundle gives you a number of great tools right at your fingertips for working with JavaScript. I decided to begin porting what I can to a Coda plugin.

JavaScript Tools Coda Plugin

One of the most useful parts of the JavaScript Tools bundle was the ability to Minify or Pack your source within TextMate. Having the ability to compress and obfuscate your JavaScript is of great benefit, and I did my part when I could. Minification and Packing are two different technologies, both with pros and cons. I decided to integrate both as they are my tools of choice.

I ran into some issues when putting this plugin together, however. While testing, I was using one of the many jQuery plugins and compression was going great. As I continued my testing, I attempted to Minify jQuery. That’s when things started getting a bit sticky. When invoking the compression of a larger JavaScript file, Coda began to act a bit strange. The application itself would seem to choke and eventually freeze. After a few seconds of locking up, my entire machine would freeze, forcing a hard reboot. I’m currently in contact with Panic to see if there is an issue with my personal machine, or something else entirely.

When working properly, the plugin operates like this:

I hope to work with Panic over the next few days to come up with a solution to the ‘large file problem’ and I’ll post a revision as soon as some new information surfaces. In the meantime, if you’d like to crack open the plugin and see if you spot any red flags, I’d be greatly appreciative. Currently the plugin misbehaves whether you Minify or Pack, so I’m lead to believe it’s an issue outside one class or the other.

Future plans include the incorporation of the YUI Compressor as well as JSLint. After solving the issue of working with larger files, I’m going to work on integrating those technologies.

Download JavaScript Tools

Version 0.5
December 15, 2008 – Initial release