Linkmarklet at version 0.4


My linkblogging plugin Linkmarklet has been updated to version 0.4! I lost steam on this plugin after writing the first version because I had just started writing these Asides and wasn't quite sure how far to take it. I wasn't even sure I'd continue posting them. Here we are about a year later and after posting over 500 Asides using Press This! it was time for a bit of a revamp. The biggest take home features for me are:

  1. Future Publishing – I tend to bulk-linkblog as I clear out my Instapaper queue and don't like to bombard people with a dozen new Asides all at once. I prefer to scatter them throughout the day, so that's what Future Publishing allows. You can tell Linkmarklet to publish only between certain hours of the day. If you publish early, the post will be scheduled for the opening of the window. If you publish late it will be posted for the opening of the window the next day. Further, you can tell Linkmarklet to insert a random buffer of time between subsequent posts for a more natural posting schedule.

  2. Post Format support – WordPress has a link Post Format built in, it only makes sense to use it

  3. Tag support – I've decided that all of my link posts will be in a single category and utilize tags under the hood. I'm not working with them much now, but that might change down the line.

  4. Markdown – I'm as addicted to Markdown as the next guy, and I really enjoy Markdown on Save so if you've got that activated you can write your Linkmarklet content in Markdown. This is very much in beta and I'm seeing if Mark has any bandwidth to help with a more formal integration, but with him being lead on WordPress 3.6 I'm not sure how soon that will happen. It's a big deal for me though so it's been included.

I like where this plugin is going, but don't love the idea that (like Press This!) everything kicks off with a popup window. I'm going to focus there once I stabilize these new features and see how we can make that better. I'm thinking something like GimmeBar's workflow would be really sweet.

It also looks like Post Formats will be more ingrained with WordPress 3.6. That will likely have an effect on Linkmarklet along the lines of piggybacking how WordPress handles a Link Post Format Custom Field.