jimrubenstein/php-profiler – GitHub

Posted: January 06, 2012 Comments(4)

jimrubenstein/php-profiler – GitHub.

One of the things I’m going to focus on in 2012 is code quality, top to bottom. I want to sweat the details and learn more about writing better code.

To do that, you need to use tools. Surely you can understand concepts and design patterns from reading, but actually working with your code and seeing how changes effect the big picture is a bit of a different story.

I write PHP, and one of the things I want to dive into is performance. A good way to measure performance is a profiler. There are tons of fancy tools to help with that, but if you’re looking for something bolt-on and lightweight, this php-profiler project looks like a good thing to check out.

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  1. Jon,

    I definitely share your drive to improve code quality. I’ve been re-evaluating a few applications I’ve built and am going to be ensuring trying to improve the way I write and test my code also.

    Thanks for sharing that link to PHP Profiler.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Be careful with this kind of profiling. As you have to manually add it in across all calls it’s all too easy to miss somewhere and have a big hole in your stats.

    Take a look at APD (Advanced PHP Debugger) or Facebook’s XHProf which both hook into code much more efficiently.

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