While everyone is spending time reflecting on 2013 with heartfelt goals for next year, I’ve been spending time reflecting on my toolset. Again.

I’ve been a big fan of PhpStorm for the past year or so, but I couldn’t help myself from revisiting the last editor I used: Sublime Text 3. What prompted this? I can sum it up in a single link: Linting is something I’ve come to heavily rely on, and this Sublime Text Package blew my mind; I love good docs.

But I sat down to work this morning and have a number of high priority things to get done in the short term, so switching editors and shaking up my life that much right now doesn’t make a ton of sense.

Then I saw this:

Which lead me to this

Screenshot of TimeStack

One of my favorite things about working in PhpStorm is it’s direct integration with Xdebug, a tool I’ve come to know and love dearly when working on complex code.

The biggest drawback with a system like this in comparison to something like Xdebug is that Xdebug makes it a lot easier to step through code as it’s actually happening, regardless if you wrote it or not. You can tack on a breakpoint and follow everything line-by-line. Either way, TimeStack looks awesome.