The State of jQuery 2013


I sometimes fear that jQuery gets taken for granted. It’s become so ingrained in so much of what we do it’s easy to forget just how much legwork it’s actually doing. With that comes a nice update to the State of jQuery. Quite a bit has happened not only to the code base but to the organizations behind the library. Upcoming versions of jQuery are, as usual, really exciting, but I found this bit particularly interesting:

But to the point about cross-browser issues, it’s a complete myth that today’s modern browsers have no differences. Look through the jQuery source code and you’ll see plenty of places where it has to fix, patch, and mask issues in modern browsers; those problems didn’t end with IE8. jQuery 2.0 now has more patches and shims for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox than for Internet Explorer!

jQuery 2.0 is going to be really interesting to keep an eye on.