Learning JavaScript – my experience and advice

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Enough is enough. I’ve said for over a year that I was going to really learn Backbone.js and if I’m honest the only thing I’ve written with it is an abstraction of the sweetness that shipped with WordPress 3.5 Media workflow for Attachments. For me, there’s no better time to start learning Backbone as it’s going to continue proliferating through the WordPress admin (which I think is pretty much the best thing ever).

In order to approach Backbone effectively, though, I’m (for real this time) going to get back to basics with JavaScript. jQuery has (for lack of a better term) polluted my approach to JavaScript and I need to kick the habit before it gets really bad. I’m not saying that jQuery is bad (because it’s done more for me concerning JavaScript than anything else in the world), but my utilization of it has become problematic for my personal progression.

Here goes.