Legit Git Workflow for Humans

Posted: March 27, 2012 Comments

Welcome | Legit Git Workflow for Humans.

I recall git on the command line being intimidating to me. I’ve always felt version control on the command line was a bit nerve racking, and went with such apps as Versions for SVN for years prior to git taking over the world.

The command line workflow for git is awesome, it’s so powerful, but as a newcomer things don’t always make the most sense. After a bit of time everything seems to click, but before that it’s really easy to get turned off. That’s where Legit comes in.

Legit is a complementary command-line interface for Git, optimized for workflow simplicity. It is heavily inspired by GitHub for Mac.

There are just a few commands, but they’re the commands you’ll most likely be using as you get started with git, even as you progress in experience. Definitely a neat idea for a project.

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