Livewire has kinda blown my mind

Right now I’m spending quite a bit of time researching and learning Laravel. It’s been a long process and I’ve yet to really dive in deep and build anything worthwhile, but it feels like that’s finally happening for me.

Part of my process has been to research the community, which I’m finding quite refreshing. There’s a lot of innovation going on, a lot of diversity in what people are coming up with/building, and the Laravel ecosystem itself just screams “healthy” to me.

It’s been a bit magnetic to be honest.

That said, I’ve just learned about Livewire by a gentleman named Caleb Porzio and his enthusiasm about the project is contagious.

I just now discovered the project and his blog and found myself with mouth agape when checking out how fast he was able to work through Building a UI component from scratch with Livewire.

I’m so new to discovering Livewire I can’t even fully decipher the lines between Laravel and Livewire but all I know is it’s got me excited.